Consumables & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We supply a range of glass related products, consumables and personal protective equipment (PPE).



Conway Wood Putty 500g

Conway Wood Putty 1.75kgs

Conway Steel Frame Putty 1.75kgs


Double Sided Tape

1m rolls



Conway 600N Translucent General Purpose Neutral Cure Silicone


Glass Cleaner

CRL (Sprayway) Professional Grade Glass Cleaner - 539g Pressure Pack.

CRL "Sparkle" Glass Stain Cleaner 236ml.


Transcat Pet Doors

Transcat Dog Door

Transcat Cat Door


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Cut Resistant Wrist Protection (Available in both Kevlar stitched and Dynema material)

Cut Resistant Sleeves (Dynema material)

Cut Resistant Gloves

Latex Dipped Grippa Gloves

Safety Glasses


Setting Blocks (Clear)

Available in the following sizes

1mm x 6mm x 75mm

3mm x 10mm x 75mm

5mm x 10mm x 75mm

10mm x 12mm x 75mm


General Glass & Glazing Products

Silicone (Caulking) Guns

Glass Cutters

Glazing Spatulas

Hack out knives

Putty Knives

Consumables from Monash Glass for all your glass needs